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Okay, here's that brother I mentioned in the description that went with that image of Blair I posted not too long ago. His name is Elrik. Originally I was going to name him Erlik, which is the name of a god of death / the underworld from Mongolian mythology; but I decided not to because a] reading about the actual god made me think the name wasn't so suiting, given this guy is actually pretty nice, and b] I made a typo and the 'r' and 'l' wound up switching places, and since it's essentially a different spelling of the name "Elric" I went with it.

Like Blair, he's based on a stitchpunk my subconscious threw at me. I was able to remember a bit more about his appearance than I was with Blair - he had three optics in a weird location with a black ribbon tied around them, no mouth, and a patch on his chest. The visible voice box is a later addition. Oh, and all those scars and things on him? Blair's responsible for them.

Name - Elrik
Gender - male
Voice - Lou Romano [ Linguini - Ratatouille ]
Description -
Elrik is technically Blair's brother, as they have the same creator, but he does not like to be associated with him at all and denies any relation with him. At least initially. He may open up if you get to know him a bit more and he feels comfortable telling you, but don't expect that to be a quick process at all.

Unlike his brother, Elrik is quite compassionate. He despises his brother because not only does he only care for himself but he manipulates others into doing what he wants, and often hurts them - figuratively or literally - in the process, as well as forcing Elrik himself to take part in manipulating others. He hates Blair's sadistic, selfish nature, and he makes sure to warn anyone he comes into contact with to watch out for a tall, long-necked stitchpunk, and even if he offers them something they want in return for some kind of deal, not to take him up on it, ever. Elrik himself has quite a few scars from when he was with his brother and attempting to work with him, back when he believed that there might be some good buried in him he could bring out. Elrlik would often tell the stitchpunk thinking about dealing with Blair about the usual details of the deal and get them to back out before it was too late - and Blair would punish him for it, in the form of injuries that were severe but nothing threatening to his ability to function. At one point Blair tore out Elrik's voice box so he couldn't talk to any potential deal-makers and ruin things.

Elrik eventually fled in the night at one point while Blair slept, after stealing back his voice box from where it had been stashed (in an attempt to keep Elrik from repairing himself and regaining the ability to talk), running and not stopping for anything until he was finally too tired to sprint any further.

Hatred for his brother aside, Elrik isn't too negative of a person. He's definitely distraught but tries to believe that others generally have good intentions (which could describe almost anyone compared to Blair), though it takes a while for him to build up any level of trust. He also has a habit of cowering and acting timid if he messes something up somehow, or says or does something that conflicts with another's opinions or actions, left over from when Blair would physically abuse him for doing so. If he meets someone that reminds him of his brother in some way, he will strongly dislike them and try to avoid them at all costs - and act extremely angry and explosive if he is forced into their presence for whatever reason. He's very secretive about what exactly happened in his past, and why he's so intent on warning everyone about a very tall stitchpunk with a blade finger and a terrifying smile. Most can piece together that this tall stitchpunk and the scars / patches on his body are connected, but any further details are pure speculation as he clams up whenever someone so much as points them out.

He's always worried that his brother somehow picked up on his trail and tracked him down, so he can be a bit paranoid in that aspect.

Elrik is mine,
9 and stitchpunks are Shane Acker's.
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