Elf art show - Guards Picture

I couldn't think of a better name. XD; I'm sorry.
Anyway I asked ages ago if anyone wanted to see the contest pictures. Well here is the first one I will be posting. I'll try to post the rest here and then. I just wanted to post something now since I don't seem to be posting anything anymore...

Anyway so about the art show:
Basically it was my mother's idea. She told me that I should take my camera with me next time I visit and go to the forest to take photos of this plant called: "cup lichen" www.wiseacre-gardens.com/moss/… . Mom told they are part of Finland's mythology. The forest elves used them to drink the morning dew apparently. When we were at the swamp, I got a lot of good photos and ideas for what I should place in the pictures XD This is one of my personal favorites. I love the detail of the plant, the character designs and not to mention their interactions XD

The blue elf on the top is inspired by me, and the one on the bottom is inspired by
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