MM - Fragarach Picture

In Irish mythology, Fragarach, known as 'The Answerer' or 'The Retaliator', was the sword of Manannan mac Lir and later, Lugh Lamfada.

Forged by the gods, Manannan wielded it as his weapon before passing it on to Lugh (his foster son). It was given to CĂșchulainn by Lugh, and later to Conn of the Hundred Battles.

It was said that no one could tell a lie with Fragarach at his or her throat, thus the name 'Answerer'. It was also said to place the wind at the user's command and could cut through any shield or wall, and had a piercing wound from which no man could recover.


Blade of Disaster - Inflicts a massive amount of Slash damage with a 50% chance of inflicting Fear on a single target.
Pralaya - Inflicts a massive amount of Pierce damage with a 25% chance of inflicting Fear to all enemies.
Heaven's Blade - Inflicts a massive amount of Slash damage to one enemy. When rolling for Critical add 10 to the range of the roll.
Ghastly Wail - Instantly kills all targets who are suffering from the Fear ailment. Cannot be resisted or avoided.
Fear Boost - Add an extra 10 to the number range of Fear infliction chances.
Ailment Boost - Add an extra 10 to the number range of all status ailment infliction chances.
The Answerer - When targeted with an offensive action, retaliate with an Almighty element attack equal to your Rank.
Apt Pupil - Doubles the chance of delivering a Critical Hit.
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