The Koi and the Kraken Picture

My redesign of a work I did a year ago for one of my OC's.

The tattoo can be placed on the shoulder or on the shoulder blade.

-- UPDATE --
Meaning/ my interpretation/ reasoning behind it:
As in Asian mythology the Koi is eager to achieve his goal by swimming up a waterfall to become a dragon and let all of life's struggles behind him. Setting him free to be what he truly is, making the transformation in life complete.
The usage of a Koi as symbol for a not yet completed transformation in life and as a person is often used as a tattoo design.
The Kraken, or Octopus symbolizes the sheer force of holding someone down, not letting him move or transition as he pleases. In addition it symbolizes pure darkness and mimicry/ disguise.
So taking both symbols together I wanted to express the endless struggle someone may feel of never become his free and unbound self, 'cause darkness and lies holding us in their claws (in this case tentacles) and its depending on their goodwill that we can develop our self or even survive in a world drained in the black of darkness and red stains of blood all around us.

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