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Yep, he's that "jerk #2" from this pic: [link]

yeah.. my story... was actually... fantasy-ish... orz well, basically based on Chinese mythology and etc. But I still have to do more research first X3;; Oh, and mine is very fictional twisted ;D so please don't use this to study if you are having some Chinese mythology test or etc! or else don't blame me for your score

Following is a long long wall of text~
Yan Che Lin 林彥澈
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Likes: quiet places, ramen, reading (even he will never admit it)
Dislikes: eggplant, when people mention the word "short", selfish people
Personality & Basic Settings:
He is... a very ill-tempered person. He doesn't like to get involved with anything that causes troubles and rather stay away (which is sadly, what he didn't manage to succeed).
Yan Che's father and mother went on a trip to avoid... some troubles, so he is a pretty independent person. Surprisingly, if he is not angry or irritated by others, he is actually know the basic manners.

In break time during school, he stays in the classroom and read while his friend will keep on trying to bug chat with him. Well he multitasked pretty good here.
Out of school, he got dragged by some Freshmans in his school, unfortunately. Yan Che especially hated the extremely selfish American within them, and often... ended up in arguments. Within them, he is the oldest but... his figure is short and skinny... so... never try tease him with that.

His ability, is very obviously, using water (here come the supernatural power and random fiction twists). It is passed down in his family, to activate the eyes of the dragon, which is like how he looks like with blue eyes in the picture. He seems to be able to control the movement of water within nearby space, ...or the nearby space in another dimension.

Extra Information on Ability:
Dragon(those eastern ones you see) is a Chinese myth creature that have the looks of 9 different animals. Their myths varies with different cases and kinds. Dragon's Wu Xing 五行(Five movements/elements/phases/etc) is water. Most commonly known that they have ability to bring in storms and rain.The ones with scales, are sometimes called Jiaolong. Jiaolong is usually what the people meant by with "water dragons". Their habitats were usually deep in the water. They have the similar ability than a Long (dragon), but not as powerful.
The eyes of Yan Che may be of a dragon, or just a Jiaolong. This is yet for himself to test out.

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ufufu... I'm not good at drawing water... it looks more like bubbles orz

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