Pony OC - Efchymos the Monokeros Picture

I love classical unicorns. So I thought I'd try and make one, and I ended up coming up with a rough concept for an entire species...?

The Monokerous are an equine species that live in the forests south of Equestria. They occupy tree-houses and live very in touch with nature, their fairly weak magic simply helping them enhance their lives in the woods. They're a very self-sustaining society, and hardly ever need to venture into Equestria, but on occasion a few brave Monokerous will make the trek into the southernmost towns to trade.
Monokerous all have Greek names (as Greek mythology is the first place unicorns were mentioned). They have no cutie marks, and they're always natural colors- with the exception of some of them having brighter colored speckles, like Efchymos does. Young males and females are difficult to distinguish, though females have eyelashes. (Efchymos is a boy.) When they're older, though, males are generally much bulkier than females and will have longer hair tufts that sometimes take on the color of their mane and can end up resembling facial hair.
Unlikely as it would be to happen, if a Monokeros were to breed with a pony, the offspring would probably end up being a slightly more "rugged" looking pony, probably without a cutie mark, though it would likely take on coloration more like its pony parent.

I dunno man.
Feel free to make Monokerous OCs if you find this interesting????
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