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Meet Rhiannan ,

Inspired by and named after the Celtic queen goddess of inspiration .The goddess Rhiannon's name meant “Divine Queen” of the fairies.

In her myths, Rhiannon was promised in marriage to an older man she found repugnant. So she defyed her family’s wishes to marry him declining to marry one of her "own kind". Instead, the goddess Rhiannon chose the mortal Prince Pwyll as her future husband.

Rhiannon appeared to Pwyll one afternoon while he stood with his companions on a great grass-covered mound in the deep forest surrounding his castle. The mounds were thought to be a magical place covering the entrance to the otherworld .It was thought that those who stood upon them
would become enchanted . So it was no surprise that the young prince was enchanted by the vision of the beautiful young goddess Rhiannon, who was dressed in glittering gold . Rhiannon stood without sparing him even a glance. Pwyll was intrigued and enraptured by her beauty.
Pwyll sent a servant off to caprure her , but every step he took closer made her apear farther away.

The next day,Pwyll returned alone to the mound and, once more, the Celtic goddess appeared. Pwyll pursued her but could not overtake her. Although he ran even faster than Rhiannon, the distance between them always remained the same.
Finally, he began to tremble with exhaustion, and stopped to call out for her to wait. And Rhiannon did.
When Pwyll drew close she teased him gently, telling him that it would have been much better if he had simply called out instead of chasing her.
The goddess Rhiannon then let him know that she had come to find him, seeking his love. Pwyll welcomed this for the very sight of this beautiful Celtic goddess had tugged at his heart, and he reached for her to guide her to his kingdom. But Rhiannon smiled tenderly and shook her head, telling him that they must wait a year and that then she would marry him. In the next moment, the goddess Rhiannon simply disappeared from him into the deep forest.

Of course it being September and all , I used the colors of fall in the scene so as to present The Fairy Queen Rhiannon to show the glorious nature of the Autumn season.

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Model , Background , Wings, Brushes , ..................................
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