alien concept - Tauric Picture

Whooo aliens! Or a really rough spreadsheet of them anyways.

They’re called Taurics by humans because they sort of resemble centaurs from Greek mythology; also because they don’t really have a language form that translates well into written/spoken words.

[fucking huge compilation of physical / behavioral things I’ve figured out at this point about them under the cut; I’m still working on them so there’s still a ways to go but here’s what there is so far]

biological things

- The shinies are eyes, and the outer layer is sclerotized so that blinking or eyelids aren’t necessary; chromatophore cells just under the hardened layer expand, become opaque, and block out excess light in varying degrees, depending on if the cells are completely dilated and touching or if they’re partly dilated and light can still shine through the gaps between them. They can range from simply dimming incoming light to blocking it out entirely like closing one’s eyes would do. “Closed” eyes are black and lack the depth that “open” eyes have

- The “face” on the secondary head has very sophisticated color-changing capabilities, and the complex patterns and tones they’re able to flash is similar to a cuttlefish - their complex language is composed of a combination of these quick flashes [which includes pigments on the ultraviolet spectrum that they can see thanks to tetrachromatic vision] and accentuated by body language, pheromone reception, and/or sounds produced by vocal chambers in the hollow parts of the main head [similar to how human spoken language is accentuated by body language].

- Very sensitive sense of smell, but not a very developed sense of taste.

- Teeth in mouth are hardened portions of skin [similar to cephalopod beaks] that can lay flat or be flared; lower jaw is two parts that can be flared for intimidation purposes; also aids in taking in larger amounts of food thanks to two fold-able appendages just on the inside of the jaw, beneath the teeth.

- The ‘wings’ on the main head are used for general smell / pheromone reading, but aren’t involved in actual breathing [which is what those orifices on the head/body are for].

- Omnivorous; hunts prey for consumption, scavenges, and pulls smaller vegetation items from the trees or shrubs; uses its hands to aid in hunting and gathering [holding down / fending off prey attack and holding branches in place / stripping vegetation from branches for consumption]; dental patterns allow shearing of food, while the act of swallowing it passes food items through a crop-like organ that further breaks down food.

- Vocalizations are made by bypassing air through hollow chambers in the horn-like areas of the head. They’re close to human in nature but sound just off enough that their louder noises might be described as “demonic” [example]; capable of a wide range of noises that vary across pitch and punctuation [from low, clicking growls to chattering to “yelling” as the linked-to audio file illustrates] but lack physical capabilities to form complex sounds needed for speech. They're able to comprehend spoken speech but they're not capable of speaking themselves.

- The main portion of their nervous system is located in the main “head”, but smaller ganglions are present in the secondary “head” and in the base of the neck of where the main “head” attaches to the body.

- "Tail" contains end of digestive tract and sexual organs.

- Hermaphroditic in that any two individuals can reproduce; going by genetic markers there are multiple sexes but all present the same general phenotype as far as sexual characteristics.

- Tauric reproduction is technically internal fertilization, but it is practiced in a way that involves minimal touching as far as internal fertilization methods go. Each individual produces and exchanges packets [by standing/sitting so that their tails are side-by-side and a small set of arms extending and placing the packet on the other’s tail underside, where it is then picked up by the set of arms and taken into the orifice]. Some time later, an leathery pouch that contains anywhere from one to three embryos will be produced [one being the most common; three being the rarest] and grouped together with other pouches at the communal breeding grounds.

behavioral things

- Taurics are communal, and typically exist in networks of smaller groups in a given area. They’re not typically solitary, but neither are they social enough that they can be in large groups for longer periods of time.

- “Flickering” of the eyes is a form of showing amusement, like a human laugh.

- Taurics love anything with a video screen. Thanks to the level of complexity they are able to achieve with their faces it is possible for them to ‘play’ scenes themselves, which they mostly do if they wish to communicate something to humans or other non-Tauric species and are having trouble getting the gist of their message across. Or they might just display the sentence on their face if they have a well-enough grasp on other written languages.

- Taurics participate in mutual grooming and touching to strengthen bonds. Nuzzling with the “main” head, touching hands together, and walking side-by-side in a way that they could casually bump into the other individual are examples of this. Touching the “secondary” heads is something reserved for very close bonds, similar to how kissing is treated in human culture. Grooming the “wings” of another is also seen as extremely intimate.

- As a result of their main language, they are very good at picking up on micro-emotions in human expressions, whether or not they actually know what they mean.

- Tauric eggs are lumped together in communal breeding areas, where they can be cared for by a wider range of adults. Upon hatching the adults tend to keep their young at the breeding area until they are in their “toddler” stage, where they are then taken to live full-time at the location of their family unit. The raising of young is very similar to humans, and bonds are maintained even after the offspring have become self-sufficient.

- Taurics are big on scents. In the same way humans go on outings to eat together, Taurics will go to places that have smells they enjoy, which could be anything from natural areas to restaurants to stores.

- Tauric reproduction is not as pleasurable as it is in humans. If anything the act of reproduction illicits a feeling of relief similar to when one drinks when thirsty or other such actions, rather than something extremely pleasurable. They find it very strange that humans not only enjoy it but do it for fun with no intention of actually reproducing, and they find sexual activities between two or more individuals that isn’t actual intercourse even stranger. They have no equivalent of orgasms either, so when humans have reactions relating to reaching an orgasm is strange to them as well. The porn industry and the prevalence of sexual activity in human media is something they just don’t understand.

- really shitty examples of the “faces” they make to speak to one another; I don’t even know what they mean at this point, I was just trying to do gifs of some of the different pattern-shifting they can do

face 1

face 2 - [because of this particular one, I imagine that they are really weirded out by things like television static because it’s so close to one of the ways they speak and sometimes they can make out snippets from the static that make some sense]

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