Scylla of Okeanos Picture


I just couldn't resist.... Q___Q

I had some stuff to say about this but it's 4 fucking 30 in the morning. I don't know how I keep doing this to myself DX One thing I can remember is that, I "hid" (Not really) the 3 spiritual stones from Ocarina of Time throughout her jewelry stash ~w~

Also, when she's in her "mermaid form", she makes her colors brighter, to look prettier for her victims <3

Territory Name: Okeanos
Character Name: Scylla (see-ya, as far as I can tell XD)
Character Species: Giant Octopus
Rank: Omega
Gender: Female
Age: Appears early 20's, is late 30's.
Powers/Abilities: Her song is enchanting....
Personality: If Scylla were to be summed up in 3 words, they would be greedy, haughty, and stubborn. She is obsessed with items of luxury: jewelry, mostly, but really any kind of fine or luxurious item that can only be found with the rich. She is beyond convinced that she should be some kind of royalty, and deserves no less than what they have. Unfortunately, the world disagrees with her and so she's resorted to thieving.

Her favorite past time is tracking down heaps of treasure and luring it from the hands of men the best way she knows how: she sings to them. Wrapping her tentacles in the shape of a fish tail, she imitates a mermaid so as to be more appealing to her victims. Once they are captivated by her song, she trails them into the water, and using her tentacles, takes their treasures (or keys to their treasures) and strangles them, leaving them to the unmerciful depths.

Deep down, so deep down she doesn't even know it's there, Scylla has considerably low self-esteem. She finds her tentacles homely and gruesome, which is why she choses to "blend" as a classic mermaid when enchanting her victims. This is also why she is so fascinated with jewels, and marks of the wealthy and esteemed. The prettier the things she surrounds herself with, the prettier she feels.

Lastly, as all octopi do, she can chose to change her skin color to a small selection of hues. Her natural color is a deep, rusty red, but she adds in a speckling of golden yellow, reflecting her greedy love of treasure.

BRIEF History: Scylla was born among many siblings to a dying mother, who failed to give her a name before passing on. She wandered aimlessly for months until coming upon a sunken ship, where she found her love of treasure and riches. She also found many books of folklore and mythology, and in these books she found the name Scylla and claimed it for herself. She also learned of monsters such as Sirens, and taking interest in the idea of such creatures, became one herself. She traveled for years, praying on merchant ships and sailors, luring them with song, killing them, and taking their treasures. One night when she was following a King's ship, she waited among the rocky shores of Siyyon where she planned to sink it. But the ship changed course to avoid the mystic land, and while she was resting, she overheard rumors about the land, and decided to stay so as to discover what treasures it may be hiding.

FULL History: Scylla hatched with her brothers and sisters in a place so far away, she doesn't even remember where it could have been. Her father had already died, completing his mating and thus his life cycle. Her mother lay nearby, waiting for her children to hatch. In her final moments, she bestowed names on her brothers and sisters, but failed to give Scylla hers before passing on. She parted ways with her siblings, bewildered and nameless.

Some months later while out looking for food and a new shelter, she came upon the first sunken ship she'd ever seen. Overwhelmed with curiosity, she explored the broken hull. There, she discovered her love of treasure. Coins, jewelry, extravagant trinkets and accessories, all calling to her like a long lost friend. Among the spoils where several books, many torn and eaten away by the water and its many inhabitants, but some salvageable. She made her new shelter here, and taught herself to read. The more she read, the more she learned about sea-folklore, and of the terrible monsters that came from it. And so too did she learn of sirens; beautiful maidens with lovely tails, that would sing to sailors and lure them to their deaths, taking up their spoils as trophies. This idea appealed to her, though she thought her tentacles much too hideous to ever be considered enchanting in the least. It was then she taught herself to blend her tentacles to look like a mermaids tail, and to use her haunting voice to lure men into her terrible grasp.

Eventually, she came upon a story of Scylla, a beautiful nymph who was turned into a monster by a jealous goddess, and saught her revenge on passing ships who prayed for the goddess for protection. She found the name beautiful, and fitting enough to adopt for her own purposes.

Many years later, after she'd perfected her attacks, she followed a great merchant ship, one belonging to the king of some strange country. The king was transporting a large part of his collection of trophies he'd won from battles and conquests, and was delivering it to an allied country in hopes of continued peace. She followed the ship until it neared the shores of Siyyon, where she had attempted to crash it among the many rocks. She failed to do so, however, as the ship had changed course to avoid the mystic land. Before chasing off after it, she'd overheard a conversation about the valley, and about it's rich and vast culture. She was immediately intrigued by the possible treasures she could find. She wandered to the lagoon, a small, isolated place, found a cave and made it her nest. She plans to stay until her curiosity and greed are satisfied...
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