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Greetings, I wish to present a stamp I just made. I only wish to express disagreement. I find this a sombre personal subject and have wheeped several times in shame because of what you will eventually read in the second half of these comments.

For all my life, I've been raised in a non-religious environment and thus, I am 100% secular and dwelt into science rather than the ever-popular superstition that a deity(s) exists. As a result, I am a firm ATHEIST and personally consider religion in general a leftover from the era before we had today's knowledge and technology to independently make theories and observations of our own to discover the mountain ranges worth of evidence against such a theory that there is a magical man in the sky performing everything we see and experience in life.

It is true that individual messages on how to be a proper neighbor in holy books such as the Bible and Koran are very heartfelt. But to me, the actual stories found within them as simply fairy tales and If anyone chooses to believe in God, good for them, but how does if differ from believing in fairies, unicorns, dragons, gnomes and mermaids? Also, if you're going to believe that the Earth was created in 6 days, then I'm afraid that you might as well believe that the Earth is still flat and that the sun revolves around it.

In addition to the tidal waves of mysticism people let themselves be absorbed by until this very day, Religion, especially the Abrahamic ones, such as Christianity have been the source of more hypocrisy and harm than beneficial among us humans in the past 2000 years. Even today, there are poor young souls facing blindfolded manipulation by their superiors to hate and condemn everything beyond what can be explained by them, or within various out-dated texts and questions are forbidden. As a result, sinful horrors have been frequently performed in which names like God, Jesus Christ and Muhammad's have been used in order to justify as most feeble excuses. Because of the long period of time combined number of things that have happened along with the caliber of their immorality, the aforementioned named have been tainted beyond redemption in my eyes.

Notable examples are :

1. The Witch Hunt which killed more than even The Holocaust.
2. The Crusades performed upon the Muslims by arrogant Knights and Bishops. If The Crusades never occurred, the Muslim world may not have eventually devolved into the wreckage it is today.
3. The cruel injustices performed on the wise and progressive scientific minds of the Renaissance era like Galileo who simply wanted to question the way things were.
4 The Vile Spanish Inquisition which not only terrorized and slaughtered non-believers in Europe, but wiped out entire indigenous races within the Americas all in the name of God. This loathsome faction is deemed by many as the precursors to Hitler and his Nazi scum.
5. The Indian Residential schools within Canada, in which youths were forcefully taken from their loving parents to be assimilated into the European way of life. Murders, Molestation and Starvation was endured by the poor students in which the Church needed to take full responsibility for the infliction.
6. It is used to justify pure prejudice. Because of this, we still see a titanic prosecution and delay of civil rights and equality of women, homosexuals, non-married couples, atheists like myself and even religions by other religions that excruciatingly drags on to this day tragically.
7. The smite of inability to separate faith and state in Muslim countries and vengeful terrorism by madmen from the Taliban and Al Qaeda who possess a sickening obsession for the Koran until they are driven mad and value Allah over their fellow man.
8. India's caste system which although is legally no-longer existent nor does it have any connection with the Abrahamic faiths, still thrives strongly due to superstition spawned by the Hinduism and Sikhism majority. The poor are deemed sub-human all because of this.
9. As many good Christians that I admit there are in this world, Christianity is simply to much of a fear-based and miracle-driven religion in mainstream society that values faith a little more exclusively than it should. Even true Islam promotes a rich variety of activities and more freedom of thought such as secularism and seeking (along with preserving) knowledge, which allowed science to survive past the Dark ages of Europe.

If there really someone like God or Jesus Christ, why would they allow all these things to be occur in their name and why do they not immediately intervene?

It is inevitable everyone. Just like the Greek pantheon before it, the sagas of the Bible, Koran, Torah and possibly even the Hindu Gods will dwindle into the status of mythology with no true spiritual significance among us human beings in the far future. Spirituality of any variety has served its purpose in this world and there is simply no longer a appropriate place for it when it, along the general human mind is modernizing and changing so rapidly over time.

Good day, favorites and comments will be appreciated.

NOTE : Any hateful comments from religious fundamentalists will be REMOVED!!!

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