Dryad and Kapre Picture

Two on trial characters for The Wormwood Project that
The girl's a Dryad and she's up there in the social totem pole. She's nice and smart, though she needs some help in the athletics department. She's very pleasant. The sort of 'gentle smile' character but she's got a sharp tongue that comes with a massive well-hidden meanstreak. She's afraid of fire cause fire tends to burn stuff. *cough*trees*cough* xD

The guy needs some explaining to do cause Kapres aren't generally known as the norm of mythological
creatures. Kapres are from Philippine folklore. They're beings that smoke cigars that are as thick as your leg and inhabit creepy looking trees. I hear they prefer Balete trees. It kinda looks like this [link] . They're supposed to be huge and scary (Kapre's, I mean) They like to play tricks on people such as messing up their sense of direction and other junk. But other than that, they're quite harmless.

So the guy is a Kapre. xD He was originally supposed have a punk emo look. Yeah, I know, he doesn't look very punk emo. Haha. I don't know what happened. He's the one that changed quite a bit from the original character slate. Other students tend to stay away from him since there's lots of rumours that he's into lots of bad stuff. And those few who actually have approached him to ask about the said rumours were ignored. But not on purpose, he's actually an airhead. He's constantly in his own dream world that he hardly notices what's going on around him. He loves high places. He chain-smokes and if he doesn't get his daily fix of nicotine he gets really sick and goes into withdrawal, hence the bottom left picture.

So these two ill-matched people first meet when she comes home to her tree and finds him sitting up there smoking a malboro red. Because of her fear of fire and his love for his smokes everything just crashes down on them from the very beginning. xD

I still haven't got names for them so help me? please?
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