Totem Spirit-Raven Picture

Raven holds the secrets of life and death in the inky blackness of her feathers.

Raven is our shadow self, inhabiting a realm beyond time and disappearing within the light.

Associated with the darker aspects of our character, Raven shows us how to face our demons and see them as they truly are.

She brings courage and honor, enabling us to go into the concealment of our inner self and bring out our true self; resolving inner conflicts that have long been buried.

Strongly associated with magic and healing, Raven has amazing sight and perspective and can 'see' the past, the present, and the future all at once.

With the Raven totem, we can solve complex problems, make transformative changes in our life; take unformed thoughts and dreams and make them reality.

Raven encourages us to tune in to our own personal power, our own wildness and defend our own truths.

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