Dragon Doodles Picture

I got a book on how to draw dragons for Christmas, and I finally put it to use by doodling a few dragons.

The first dragon at the top was actually intended to be my dragon design for Tobuscus' dog, Gryphon, but he came out looking too frightening and reptilian. I took a good long look at him and thought he looked a little like Smaug from the Hobbit, so he is now what I think Smaug might look like out of the book (Smauglock coming soon...).
The chubby, baby dragon is Erik X from Creature Feature. Remember my Erik-X-As-Something-Cute-Series? Well I want to bring that back.
To the right of Erik is my dragon design for Gryphon. The fan fiction I wrote of Tobuscus and Exbuscus takes place in a world of mythical creatures and pretty much any absurd thing Tobuscus has ever said. Long ago, Tobuscus made a parody of Homestar Runner's song Trogdor and made a song called Falcor (Gryphons other name or something), so in my story Gryphon has a dragon form. I wanted to give him some mammal features, and looked at some dragons from Asian mythology, as well as certain breeds of dog. I eventually came to this design.

Well, I'll be off. I'm going on vacation during the spring break, so I'll be taking some paper and a pencil to draw every now and then. Type to ya later.
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