Monster-a-Day - Bukavac Picture

Part of a series of paintings for my Water Media class this past semester. The assignment theme was "Everyday" leaving it very open to interpretation. I opted for a painting a day to fit the theme and allow me to paint things that interested me.

For about a week I painted one 8"x8" painting of mythological/folk creatures from around the world. I worked primarily from descriptions only and reference real world animals for the monsters. Some of the backgrounds are based on real places others are based on photos found online.

Here is the bukavac, an enigmatic monster found in lakes in the Serbia region.
Bukavac (Serbian pronunciation: [bukavats]) is a demonic mythical creature in Serbian mythology; belief about it existed in Srem. Bukavac was sometimes imagined as a six-legged monster with gnarled horns. He lives in lakes and big pools, coming out of the water during the night making big noise (hence the name: Serbian buka - noise), jumping onto people and animals and strangling them. - Wikipedia
I wanted to play with some darker lighting and decided that the light source of choice would be a bright moon. I built up the painting from darks to lights and had way too much fun with the water (especially the splashes)~

Done with watercolors, gauche, and a little acrylic.
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