Solydrial and Elydrial Picture

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Illustration Info:

These are the goddesses of Day and Night in a mythology I'm creating for my breedables shop on

The story goes that they are twin sisters unable to bear children so they take the clouds around them and breath life into them creating one companion each. Solydrial has the male and Elydrial has the female (Solydrial being the goddess of day and Elydrial being the goddess of night). Little did they know that their companions would procreate. Arella Avtalia start popping up all over the place and so the goddesses create one more of them that is unable to bear child to act as a guide to them and put them with guardians with good hearts on Gaia.

Media: Photoshop
Hours taken: 7 on Elydrial and 5 on Solydrial all in one day.
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