Sketch Fantasy - The Control Picture

I dedicate this work to two of my wonderful friends, for everything that I learned from them.
1 - Rajni, from Hyderabad.Rajni! If you are reading this, lemme say, 'I am sorry for everything, dear!' .
2 - Sriyani, from Kadapa, my hometown.

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Understanding a problem:

This drawing is the first of the series that I am planning to develop. This notes down here will continue with the drawings that I do everytime. And the whole notes is about
Environmental problems + Social problems + Causes + interweaving of all of them.

It took some YEARS for me to realise that understanding a problem is half the solution. My search for knowing the roots of problems that are existing and growing in our world made me converge and start from this topic below.
Problems are complicated to when it comes to knowing their cause(s) and their effect(s). Some causes may be the following or more:
1 - Our ignorance/unmindfulness
2 - The ideas of people who create these problems
Sometimes or many problems are created by those who already have the solution so that there will be a business/deal, be them corporate giants or even terrorist outfits. The effects are destructive to all of us.

The system(or a chain) of this
- Creating a problem
- Creating a solution(creating a luxury and subsequent conversion of it into a necessity)
- Creating a need
- Gaining from it
are interconnected for two goals. The Control and The Business.
(I am not sure if I wrote the above in the right order, if you hint me any grammatical mistakes in my notes/language, I shall be happy because that will help me express myself better)

The Control:

In the history it was a norm that particular class of the society had the luxury of spending more. And the rest had to be careful about their spendings.The masses were worried about procuring the basic necessities only, while the privileged class had a different focus. It feels to me that the difference between the two was deliberately maintained. And that was possible through:

- Limiting/Controlling the resources of products/goods of consumption
- Limiting/Controlling the technology the aid the access of the resources
- Limiting/Controlling the thought of the masses with the introduction of 'belief systems' into the lifestyle of the masses. The belief systems that regulate/control the consumption of the masses and their intelligence/reasoning as well. This introduction also hampers / destructs existing cultures/traditions/lifestyle in many places and of course around the world.

In order to control, there needs a communication tool. And that could be 'Broadcast - Advertising' via all media and the authority of people who own that tool remained those few powerful ones.

It fascinates me always as to what causes problems, be them social, political, environmental, individual, national, international, microcosmic and the macrocosmic. Being a Science graduate, my points about this topic here may sound very basic/naive, but still these things are thought provoking to me. Studying/Knowing and drawing about problems are my passion.

Let me refine my topic from here.

About the drawing:

All the modes/tubes/channels/media or 'strings' that have a 'Control' on the subject, that is the little child.
The pipes/strings/tubes that you see in the drawing are the Electronic media, FMCG(Fast Moving Consumer Goods) pertaining to children, Education, Social/cultural environment all going towards and targeted to 'Control' the mind & life of a child. And all of those pipes/'control strings' come from one source, that is the viewer, who is the 'Controller,' and that could be the Advertiser/a company. The pillars/walls in the drawings are the parents/guardians. My reason behind their inclusion being the infiltration of media into the children's minds happening in our very presence, knowledge. Also meaning that we are convinced.

Children are very impressionable or responsive to stimulating visuals, audio visuals that they come across in everyday life. Advertising targets children and those outlets where to get into the mindspace of a developing young mind which is not yet strong enough to resist/check such a flood of information from all the strong multimedia solutions from the other world. 'Infotainment' / 'Edutainment' are their new ways of it, I believe.Advertisers and/or companies have all the necessary resources, technology to create such an output that impact the mind. Time slots in the media to teach us about what to buy, why to buy, and how to buy, technology that enables advertisers/companies to develop/design/create newer ways of storytelling and creating a necessity for the target audience.
In this regard I am tempted to mention a particular quote/definition:
'Advertising is the art of arresting human intelligence only as long as to get money out of it.'
- Chuck Blore, a partner in the advertising firm Chuck Blore & DonRuchman, Inc., '

They arrest intelligence, replace/alter personalities, deviate children from their natural upbringing from their parents and from their playful way of growing up socially.Every requirement that a child faces has a corporate-advertising on the other end, leading to the kinda inevitable purchase of the solution that may suffice only for the moment. And the power of the ads doesn't just end there. They appear, iterate repeatedly and get embedded in ours and children's minds and often trigger repetitive purchase of the solution ignoring the actual necessity of it, because we have the power to purchase and so we can afford that.
From somewhere I read, lemme share this quote,
'Advertising - Single largest psychological project undertaken by the human race.'

This leads to repetitive and massive consumption because of the massive psychological operation happening on the vulnerable minds and a lot of times we(adults) are no exceptions to be convinced.

to be continued...

My next drawing will not be this late. My sincere thanks to everyone for reading this and I would love read your response. Please also give me any corrections in the notes, drawing and anything. I look forward to learn and grow.

The story behind the drawing:

This drawing is also an entry to the competition for the 'Indian Mythology contest' conducted by
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