Here Comes the Electrical Storm Picture

(( Curse you scanner for disrupting the smoothness of my color penciling and making the lighting look invisible. I've also learned with this picture that it's not wise to place a digital background with a scanned traditional foreground, the results are nasty and undesirable.

Anyways, I freaking love this guy. If I didn't spot him back a month ago, I probably wouldn't have made this account and carried on with my original account not knowing of all this. Also, I personally find this kinda freaky, but Thunderbird totally looks like the lovechild of a couple of my characters mixed with some of the DNA of the actual mythological Thunderbird.

Plus I have a little story that happened back when I was still drawing this out in pencil. So, back when I was still taking some of my final exams, I finished my German exam early and took out the picture to work on it. A good friend of mine also finished the exam about a few minutes later and walks by and sees the picture, and later decides to sit next to me and join me with the drawing. Then she takes the picture from me to get a better look at it and then takes one of those 'sequence glitter star'( I have no idea what to call them, but from one point to the one point across is about 2-3 cm) off the near by table and starts placing it on random spots on the picture and also started having this silent conversation with me(if we talked while other people were taking the exam, we would get a 0 on the exam and have to take it again). And in this conversation I somehow got 'Rudolf the Star nosed reindeer'(placed star on the end of the mask), 'A Ninja Star about to be inserted into his shoulder', a bunch of Mario references, and sometimes it got inappropriate at times. After class I finally told her that he's not my character and now she's going to do something like what I've said above to the rest of mine characters when she sees them. But hey, it could have been worse, another friend of mine probably would have given him a handlebar mustache, a monocle, and top hat.
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