Vidar - God of Silence Picture

So...I'm back to where I started cause I love them. I started drawing Norse Mythology again with the inspiration from my friend. Though this time I started with something a little fancier than my Loki one from a loooooong time ago. And I tried doing an Ah! My Goddess twist on it. Basically....the whole angel thing.

Those of you who don't know anything about Norse Mythology, Vidar is the son of Odin. One of only two who is supposed to survive Ragnarok. When the time comes Vidar is said to step down on Fenrir's lower draw before driving his sword into the wolf before tearing his jaws open wide and freeing his father from the wolf's stomach. He is also said to be the one to take Odin's place after the end of times and begin the world anew.

Vidar is known as both the God of Silence and the God of Vengeance. That's why the angel looks the way he does. I wanted to make him look like a physical embodiment of pain, suffering and silence but still remain beautiful at the same time.

I spent roughly three hours on this sketch and I have no idea when I'm going to get around to coloring it if ever. I'm well aware of some of the sloppy lines of the angel. I kinda had this mind set that I just wanted to get the picture done but still maintain quality. But..meh...what can you do?
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