Transformation-Physical Picture

I digitally painted this illustration during the Spring of 2010, for a college illustration class at Broome Community College. It won a first place award, "Best Work Reflecting Transformation Theme" at Broome Community College's Art Exhibition that semester.

Print size of the master file is 15x20 inches at 300 DPI.

The reference photo, that was used for the young woman and for the pose in the painting, was from spiked-stock's gallery (a stock model/photographer who allows artists to use her stock for art and projects). I was on a deadline and needed a photo reference that could be used for school projects without any issues. Her gallery and image usage rules can be found here:

Tools: Photoshop
Wacom Tablet (Back then, at the time it was painted, I was using an old Bamboo Small-Size Tablet)

Time Taken: 4 days (25 hours, give or take, during that span)

Copyright 2010, Brian J. Shafer
Do not use this image without my explicit permission.
Thank you for viewing.
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