Faogwolf: A Well Dressed Wolfwoman Picture

I found faogwolf through a basic search for more muscly ladies and while I have faved some of his works before. It was a pic of his character Mellony in a dress is what drew my attention to ask a request to dress up a supporting character from the "Viander & Co." universe: the gigantic, busty & bulkable Auxelle. Watching the process leading up to the final product is great and the finished piece in the end is really amazing. Really shows her shapely form even with those huge breasts and muscles. The dress is of his design and the way it shapes on her physique makes it all worth while. Because I originally asked for a dress that looks sensual and be battle ready when needed.

I can think now of several scenarios that can help fit in with this pic:

A Well Dressed Wolfwoman

by Xenny Diemes

It all takes place 10 years into the future and Andrew is a well-off 20 year old fresh into college and Auxelle continue to live with his mother now fully adjusted to all the magic stuff that is part of her life now. Auxie herself has grown more mature but still holds the bond she has to Andrew but with a few caveats: Protecting the boy from dangerous, supernatural forces, definitely! Dealing with the pitfalls of being a teenager, he's on his own!

There has been a declaration that highly entrusted morals have been allowed access into the underworld and the Sennial Faire where all the kingdoms come together in a celebration of dancing feasting and other great stuff. Auxelle knows who to bring to the faire and goes to the college where Andrew is. He's just happened to have a hard time finding a date and as he is walking down the alley and into his favorite shortcuts, he hears the voice of a very familiar voice and turns around. His mouth dropped seeing Auxelle in such incredible attire.

Andrew wonders what occasion she is dressed up for. Auxelle tells him that she wants to take him to the Mystical Underworld for the Sennial Faire. Thinking that mortals are not allowed in the underworld, she knows that a lot has changed and has been more open to the entrusted. And there's no one she can trust more than her best friend Andrew, which she calls Andy as much as he calls her "Auxie". With a flick of her claw, she scratches down the open air and draws a circle leading a portal into the realm of the underworld. Andy is impressed, Auxie tells him she learned it herself and bettered it thanks to Launa. She goes in first and vanishes into the darkness. Andy is unsure of going in until a large hand grabs and pulls him into the void.

Slowly listening the sounds of music and laughter, Auxelle shows up in his view and gets up. Surrounded by an atmosphere more extravagant than any renaissance faire. He is smack-dab in the middle of a world full of dragons, werewolves, elves, orcs and every creature from mythology and sorcery. Andrew is in the Sennial Faire of the underworld. For hours the two joined in dances, music and feasted on huge meats and giant mugs of beer. A real good time had by the two until an orc has his sights on Auxelle and challenges the wolf for her companionship. At first Auxelle tells the orc to piss off but then he grabs her by the throat and throws her into the ground. Pointing his huge battle axe down on her chest, he demands that she accepts the challenge.

Many people surround the two and Andrew tries to get through but Auxelle tells him to stay back. The orc looks at Andrew and laughs, thinking that this weakling is her protectee. Auxelle has enough and brutally smacks him off. And in an unprecedented move, she accepts the challenge, Andrew protests but Auxelle is confident that she can beat him. The orc doesn't guarantee that, if he wins, Auxelle will be his forever and has "plans" for her when he beats her.

This was his fatal flaw. He still believes that ever since the massacre the pups that grew up never learned of the old ways and therefore will fail. But as the fight starts, the orc learned the hard way that Auxelle is a very formidable fighter and the challenge lasted five minutes with the orc brutally defeated. Auxelle scorns the orc hoping to drive the message into his thick skull that she is not anyone's to own anymore. She has already chose her companion and he is more man than the orc ever was. And to really drive the point home, if she did go by the old ways, he would be abstract art strung across the faire grounds.
As she walks away, the orc is incredibly pissed and in a burst of anger, knocks Auxelle off her feet, and throws his axe up. Andrew rushes to shield Auxelle. The two were about to meet their bloodied end until, like a flash of lightning. Axe is snatched off his hands and appears in the mouth of a great white beast. The crowd gasped in shock at what they saw. It is a female Auxellean alpha and he bits down on the handle breaking the axe in half and stomping the blade into the ground. In her booming voice, she lets the orc know, when a fellow wolf says it's over, it is over!

Enforcing that rule, three males and two other females came out from hiding, surround the orc and flexed out their muscles hard, in seconds, the orc is shadowed by giant, buff-as-hell wolves ready to pound him into paste. Then the female spoke. She wants everyone to know that the stories of them being monsters are far dead and want to be far better than their ancestors. They do not want to become the destructive creatures of the past and they are sure don't want to be anyone's companion anymore through these stupid challenges. They want to make it clear that they have a new destiny and it is theirs and theirs alone to make, even if they have to fight their way to get it. Looking at the Orc, that includes him, then they flexed and snarled, scaring the orc into the crowd and out of the faire.

The white alpha then gives Andrew a hand while she shrinks herself down. Though what Andrew did was stupid, it was brave that he stood up for her companion before they all part just as fast as they came in. Thought it was awkward, Auxelle wraps her mighty arms around him in a tight hug, just glad that he is alright. After that whole ordeal, the two try to have a good time though even to go into the most lop-sided dance Andrew has ever experience.

The two are back in Amsterdam sitting on top of the roof of her favorite spot looking out at the city. Andrew turns to Auxelle and asks about the whole challenge thing and what the orc meant. She explains that before the massacre, if anyone wants to have the most powerful wolf around, they have to fight for it. The challenge is one of those ways, if the challenger defeats the wolf, he or she cuts the wolfs wrist and so does the challenger forever bonding them in blood. The wolf becomes their companion until death or the challenger gives up control.

Andrew wonders that if he has to fight her to keep their friendship. Auxelle laughs and assures him with his skinny body, he wouldn't stand a chance! But luckily for him, it's never needed. He earned his companion and more. And though that act with becoming a human shield against the orc's axe was crazy, it showed that level of bravery and care he has for her. Then Auxelle goes and thanks him for being her protector for that moment. They caught into each others arms and hugged, a good night is had by the both of them. It really shows that their friendship is far stronger than any old blood bond or challenge.

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