Cerberus Picture

Yup, this is Cerberus!^^

After some thought I tried to draw my version of the Three headed dog! and I have to admit that I always loved Greek Mythology! The Minotaur and Cerberus most!=3

This pic took alot of time for many reasons, First is the fact that I had to draw Three faces for him, and to think that I had enough trouble drawing one, but it was great practice! Second was where to place the Two Extra heads, Hope I made that one! My Fav head of the three is the middle one! =3

All I'm saying that this was very fun to draw and a big challenge, Oh! forgot to mention that he is related to Hound, his Cousin actually!
As for his size, he is a bit taller than Hound. =3

I hope you like the big guy and try not to be scared of him, Cause he-The Three headed Guardian of Hades-is pretty nice and playful!^^
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