Hesperides Flying Gunship Picture

ENA C-1000 “Hesperides”

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Type: Fire support Gunship / Ultra heavy bomber
Energy: Hydrogen Fusion reactor;
Engines: 6 massive Hydrogen jet engines, (369 800kgf, 3630 kN each engine);
Max. Speed: Mach 1,4 (1 500Km/h)
Range: Unlimited
4 fixed 533mm (21”) gun-missile launchers;18 (maybe more) quadruple 90mm Flak guns;Various 50mm automatic guns;
Anti-air missiles: MAA-3B short-range missiles (2000 on board);STAD-1 long-range missiles (40 on board);
Bomb bay for twenty 10 000kg bombs or forty 5 000kg bombs;
Height: 51,20m
Length: 205,4m
Width: 521,10m
Weight: 3 000 - 5 000 tons?
Armour: 300mm around the engines, 150mm rest of the airship.
Operators: Imperial Navy Aviation (INA) (Aerial Fleet)Number built: 13

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Atlas: Giant Flying Aircraft carrier (in project…) – 4 operational airships;
In Greek Mythology, Atlas was the primordial Titan who supported the heavens.

Hesperides: Fire support Gunship / Ultra Heavy bomber – 13 operational airships;
In Greek Mythology, the Hesperides were nymphs (all daughters of the Titan Atlas) who protected the garden of the Hesperides and the Magic Golden Apples.

Hyades: Electronic Warfare Airship - 8 (airships capable to create a powerful electromagnetic shield (called R.A.I.N.) that prevents the enemy radar to detect these aircraft and its battle group).
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Pleiades: Flying cargo/medical airship – 6 operational airships.
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Story: The ENA C-1000 “Hesperides” Fire Support Gunship is an airship manufactured by ENA (Empresa Nacional de Armamento) for the Imperial Navy Aviation. As it's name suggests, it serves as the "combat arm" of the INA, providing fire support for the colossal “Atlas” flying aircraft carrier and the “Hyades” ESM airframes. It’s armed with onboard AAM launchers, AA guns and heavy long-range flak guns. The Hesperides are capable of carrying up to twenty 10 000kg bombs in an internal bomb bay. Its mainframe resembles that of the “Hyades”, although with lots of defensive guns. Despite its size, the “Hesperide” looks like it has higher maneuverability than a medium-heavy bomber and even certain aircraft. For example, it can fly 90º up thanks to its massive engines. The “Hesperide” is propelled by six high output engines, which allow the ship to achieve maximum speeds of Mach 1,4. Three of these engines are placed in each wing, arranged in a horizontal position. The plane can also fly with only two engines if necessary.

The aircraft is also known as being capable of emitting electronic countermeasures (ECM).Off course, this is an impossible aircraft. It’s based on the P-1114 “Gyges” Fire Support Platform of the game Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation.

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Please watch this and many other fantastic creations here: www.flickr.com/photos/einon/
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