Concept Art: Jynx Picture

Tada! TLB concept art. Gosh it feels so good to just sit down and do this!
I really hope ya'll like TLB because whether you want it or not you're gonna get it lol
Nothing is finalized i just like designing outfits.

Name: Elizabeth 'Jynx' Tindall
Gender: Female
Age: 18 ( as of the present. she was 10 when her parents died, 14 when she died and almost 15 when she came back)
Date of Birth: 6 june 1996
Day of Death: 26 November 2010
Date of Rebirth: 16 May 2011
Length: 174 cm
Weight: 61 Kilo
Race: Human/ deamon master

Fun facts
Jynx her birthday is: 6 o6 1996
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