Massassi:Gate of the Aigamuxa Picture

Aigamuxa haunt the nightmares and fevered dreams of the sensitive and enlightened. They stalk in the shadows and devoir the unaware. They are emphemeral, ferocious creatures of shadow and myth that kill the hunters and explorers of the wild, murder defenders and guards from the darkness and prey upon those who are stripped of all protection.
Aigamuxa aren't of the natural world. They lurk between shadows on the edge of even the keenest of senses and they hunger. From the deepest areas of the "wild web"... the jungle... exists their lair... a city of long ago. A place whose lords grew too proud, became too bold, and dared too much. It is said that the Aigamuxa will soon overrun all of lands. Turning every man, every woman and child into prey. But there is hope. To enter the gate, armed with the light of day, there is a small hope, that the gate can be closed forever...
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