Seiryuu, Dragon Spirit of the East Picture

"Seiryuu, Dragon Spirit of the East", [081412.04] A Fractal Graphic Art Image by Peter Spangler, copyright 2012.

"Seiryuu, Dragon Spirit of the East" is a part of Japanese mythology dating back to a few centuries B.C.E. It is a shared theme, with the Chinese, that there were ancient spirits which guarded the four corners of the world, or heavens. While the names differ, the mythology is very similar. I am partial to Japanese culture, mythology and history, so of course, I chose to label the image with that 'spirits's' name. The Guardian Spirit of the direction to the east is the Dragon. Traditionally the colors used to depict the spirit are Blues and Greens. The Spirits icon, imagery and symbols were often placed in places to protect against other, unwanted or less desirable spiritual influences, so the Dragon could be found in tombs, guarding the spirits of one's ancestors. for example.
My depiction, here, carries with it an abstract image, impressionistic to the mind's eye, because I do not believe that we can be fully aware of the true shape and nature of any spirit, and that we assign such, so that others may know of which spirit we speak of, when we are addressing the subject. I included the cloud work, to represent the Spirit's charge in guarding the eastern compass point, within the Heavens, and have read (though I can not remember the exact Text, sorry), that this spirit was responsible for some aspects of 'Weather'.
I hope that you do enjoy this imagery. I am very thankful to all who make comments concerning my work, choose a favorite from among my collections, or determine to 'Watch' my gallery for my latest submissions. I thank you all, and apologize that there is simply not enough hours in the day with which to 'thank you' personally; I enjoy doing so, and would for every response given, if I could.
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