Sailor Weather Trio Picture

Recommended music: [link] (Hoenn's Gym Leader battle)

They represent the land, sea, and sky. They are based on Biblical mythologies: Behemoth, Leviathan (not that one), and Ziz. They are the first legendary trio that does not share an ability or base stats (Rayquaza is slightly stronger). Their color scheme is based on the primary colors of light. Legends tell that if Groudon and Kyogre were to fight one another, Rayquaza will appear and quell their fighting. Groudon summons the sun, Kyogre summons rain, and Rayquaza cancels weather conditions. Trainers pure of heart can find them in the Hoenn region, but select few trainers can find them in Johto.

I planned from the get go to have all three of them together for a group shot, but because they can alter the weather, this became a problem. With Sailor Groudon, I placed her in a desert with a cloudless sky. If you look closely, the ground is wavy. This is what happens on highways when they get too hot. I wanted to replicate this effect. I also added some lens flares, which is how intense sunlight is rendered in the games. A tutorial online helped me create the rain effect for Sailor Kyogre. I placed her on the beach so the rain could be visible. As for Sailor Rayquaza, I went to a local park and took pictures of the sky all around the place, cropping out the scenery if needed. I actually used two photos for the sky background. I didn’t know how to visualize the Air Lock ability, so I went with clear skies instead.

This series is finished. Sailor Arceus is in the planning stages.

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