Mesopotamia: Wacky Family Picture

With another palette from colour lovers aw yeah

So if you get bored of watching the Romantic Comedies about Mama Greece and Roma-jii ("Honey, I'm home! Oh, and I brought Egypt too because she is totally smokin' hot!" "WHAT?!" "No seriously it's freaking freezing in here I thought we could all go over to Egypt's place to 'chill'" *laugh track*) , change the channel to everyone's favourite dysfunctional household: Mesopotamia! This wacky sitcom about battling for succession is sure to be fun for the whole family!

I swear there is so much potential for an awesome sitcom here. I should make TV shows about all these civilizations (Thanks Horrible Histories; Athenian-Spartan Wife Swap, Roman Come Dine with Me, Caveman infomercials. I love you guys sooo much.)

DESIGNING THESE GUYS WAS SOOO HARD so I cheated and used only headshots. Bwahahahahaha.

Up there in the top right in the green is Sumer. Possibly the oldest of all nations, she's known for a lot of cool things. The wheel, irrigation, writing, the Epic of Gilgamesh, etc. She's pretty much had something to do with the formation of every Western nation ever, and she might have been chatting with India who likes to trade with China and so on, so you can see why she's the cradle of civilization.
Personality-wise she seems kind of grim and fatalistic, but she's very big on 'enjoying life while you're living it'. In her spare time she enjoys stargazing and reading the organs of animals. She taught all the other Mesopotamians everything they know, so I guess she's like a mother figure. She has a very scary gaze for some reason.

On the top left in blue is Akkad. Back in the day he was pretty scary- he was the first to form a centralized empire using religious justification. He had his own language and made it standard, but he kept Sumer around to do all his relgious work for him- her language survived in religious texts and resurfaced when she regained dominance.
They're like some old bickering married couple, I know!

Next on the bottom left is Babylonia who is best known for her art and fashion (although pictures of her clothing were ridiculously hard to find- I used some Assyrian elements instead don't kill meeee). Her boss, Hammurabi, is known for the first centralized law code which typically involves crimes being punished by death or divine retribution,
In her second reign she built the Ishtar Gate and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

On the bottom right is Assyria who is a really terrifying guy (although Babylonia isn't really afraid of him). He enjoys bursting through people's walls when they least expect it and burning their crops and fruit trees. (So as you can imagine, Babylonia the gardener did not like this one bit.) Most people would rather just surrender to him than risk him attacking (frequent rennovations are costly, you know). Since both he and Babylonia were descendants of the Amorites, I imagine them like brother and sister who can't get over their sibling rivalry.

And in the center is a younger Persia before his epic beard, about to coronate himself as the new ruler of the known world because he's awesome and egotistic like that. Of course, soon he's accidentally gonna bump into Greece and they're gonna become eternal rivals for all eternity.
Since Persia conquered all the aforementioned nations and absorbed them, they all live in his house and he pretty much lets them do what they want as long as they're not totally destroying the place, so they actually get along okay.

Other characters that may make an appearance are Hittite, Lydia, and Medes (actually I've been thinking about merging fem!Persia and Medes since the Greeks can't tell Medes and Persia apart anyway although they are separate entities... so maybe Macedon is like Mama Greece's man!self with a sunhat? XD)

There are still people in modern day who identify with some of these nations, so they probably continue to exist in some form and haunt their descendants. (Persia and Iran, Assyria and Iraq for example)

I've been very nervous about designing these because it's difficult for me to find reputable sources on Persia and co. (since the Middle East has been getting a bad rap since the 5th century BC- thanks a lot Athens -_-), but I've dug up some books from my childhood about timelines. I don't have any books that are specifically about Mesopotamia, but at least they're mentioned in here. But I think Mesopotamian art and mythology is super badass so I'm excited too.

-sigh- Okay, I did the Mesopotamians, it's time for me to try and do some North Americans. *nervous* After that I'd like to do India and maybe some African or Far Northern nations? I don't know, what do you guys think? Or should I concentrate on the characters I already have for a bit? There are a lot of them...
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