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I'm a 31 year old who ADORES Monster High (The dolls and webisodes anyway, I haven't read the books)

One night I couldn't sleep, so I started thinking up ideas for MH ocs. There are a few more in the works, but these are the ones I have drawn so far.

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Sacha Bigfoot
Daughter of: Bigfoot and Native American medicine man/shaman, mixed race
Style: Army/Combat/Commando Chic. Goes barefoot both because shoes don't fit, and she prefers barefoot anyway.
Personality: Very shy and reclusive. Softspoken, sweet, helpful.
Pet: A skunk named Skunk
Likes: Camping, Hiking, Archery, Bird-watching.
Dislikes: Water/Swimming, Loud noisy places, Nosey people/Gossips
BFFs: Abbey, Bedda, Cyclops Girl, The Headmistresses Horse.

Legion Jr. (or LJ)
Son of: Legion, the demon who is many. No relation to the devils @ MH.
Style: Casual jeans and sweaters, boots. He's used to much warmer temperatures, so it's common to see him in lots of layers.
Personality: Sweet and helpful, sensitive. Very smart, bookish, a tech geek. Not demon-y at all.
Pet: A Hellhound named Growley
Likes: Computers, Volunteering, Fixing things, Hot tubs/springs/saunas etc.
Dislikes: The cold, avoiding Manny because of his red skin, people making assumptions because of his lineage
BFFs: David Jones, Bedda Bodiman, Ghoulia, Cupid's daughter.

Child of: Death (gender unknown or N/A)
Style: Oversized hoodies (hood is always up), baggy gym pants, grubby old sneakers, no style at all.
Personality: Unknown. He/she is just...there. Never talks out loud, writes down anything they want to say, which almost never happens, and is usually pretty obvious when they do.
Pet: A raven named Edgar.
Likes: Unknown.
Dislikes: Unknown.
BFFs: None.

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Undine Seafoam
Daughter of: The Mermaids
Style: Funny/Cheesy t-shirts. Ocean inspired jewelery, tail piercings. Gets around on land by using a wheelchair that she blings out. Starfish birthmark.
Personality: Cheerful, Mischievious, Out-going, Full of life, a bit of a dare-devil and a total speed queen.
Pet: None
Likes: Wheelchair racing, Swimming, Practical jokes, Collecting seashells/sea glass etc. Cooking/Eating.
Dislikes: Enclosed spaces, gloomy people.
BFFs: Lagoona, David Jones, Nessa Loch.

David Jones
Son of: Davy Jones, Phantom Captain of the Flying Dutchman.
Style: Bright, colourful Hawaiian shirts, Khaki shorts, Flip-flops. Beach casual. lots of bracelets and necklaces. Some gold, mostly hemp and seaglass.
Personality: Laid back, carefree, always smiling, freindly with everyone, near impossible to anger.
Pet: An octopus named Squidy
Likes: Treasure hunting, Beach-combing, Music (he plays the ukelele himself), Marine Biology and Mythology, Beach sports, Sailing.
Dislikes: Anything fast paced (except Undine, she's cool), Drama/Gossips, Cooked fish, Monster Racism.
BFFs: Lagoona, Undine, Nessa, LJ, Sacha, Operetta, Clawd, Deuce, Jackson/Holt.

Nessa Loch
Daughter of: Nessie, The Loch Ness Monster.
Style: Chubby English Schoolgirl. Freckles and a Scottish accent.
Personality: Quiet but very friendly, Keeps her feelings hidden until she trusts you, prefers to watch from the sidelines, but occasionally can be a bit of a prankster.
Pet: A stuffed/plush Nessie toy.
Likes: Photograpy, Quiet, foggy days, Reading, Marine animals.
Dislikes: Hoaxers, bad photos of her Mom, People polluting lakes, rivers, oceans etc.
BFFs: David Jones, Undine, Sacha.

Bedda Bodiman
Daughter of: The Boogeyman/Monster-Under-Your-Bed
Style: Big wooly sweaters, pleated skirts over bicycle shorts, Ugg-type boots. Glasses. Bright colours is her attemt at standing out a bit, putting herself out there.
Personality: Skittish, keeps to the shadows, very, very shy, awkward and a bit clumsy.
Pet: A mouse named Nibbler.
Likes: Dark, quiet places, comic books, Ninja movies, Shadow puppets, Running/Jogging.
Dislikes: Loud noises, Sudden movements, Kids, Team sports.
BFFs: Sacha, Abby, Ghoulia, LJ.

Monster High © Mattel
All OCs © TLHarrington
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