Have a Jesus Picture

Today's topic: mythological accuracy and why it should be important to you!
And so I give you Jesus, as depicted in the book of revalations. [link]
With curly white hair, firey eyes and bronze skin. And no beard as the bible never said he had one. (Can't find the verse but it even said beards were unseemly and doesn't that seem a stupid way to refer to your messiah's hairdo?) Also with the proper pictoral depiction of a halo just as an extra touch~
Yes, it is possibly to read 'bronze skin' as many other things such as referring to beauty or chizelled muscle rather than a literal colour descriptor. But considering his place of origin a skintone ranging from olive to black is most likely.

You may be asking "Hey Bunni, why do this if you're not a Christian and openly so?" Well it's because even though I don't follow any religion I don't dislike any of them. I respect all kinds of belief and find mythological study fascinating!
But I do dislike 'Christians' that use their religion as an excuse to hate others, or show ignorance of their own holy text. Sometimes the best strategy as a non-believer is to read the Bible and pick holes in stupid unsupported movements like 'God Hates Fags'.
Whitewashing Jesus to fit current racial ideals should be considered offensive to the religion, not practised by its believers! *facepalm* Also giving him a 'hippie beard' and portraying him like some Strawberry Shortcake interpretation of 'Pure' destroys his character. He was very much a badass and are we forgetting about the 'Last Temptation' and so on? Isn't the point meant to be that God created a human son to experience our ways and take on our sin as a sacrifice? He wasn't just God wearing a people hat, he had a whole life that some 'believers' gloss over to have this personalityless dreck of a man. And then shove words of hate in his mouth.
Please note though that I'm not actually AGAINST depicting Jesus as white (cultural adaptation of stories isn't bad in of itself), just it being held as 'industry standard' so to speak. When you get to a place where drawing the man as another ethnicity spikes up flame wars DESPITE it being more plausable and supported by the text.. yeah you have a problem.
So here's a cute 'non-traditional' jesus just chillin' :3
Please support freedom of Jesusing by drawing him however he appears to you, not how you're told to do it. Or just go read some religious text/ancient saga/bardic poetry/etc. Mythology is much less boring than people try and tell ya. Go out and discover what other stuff everyone pictures wrong! XD

Thus ends a message about Jesus from an athiest! Don't demean your faith, folks
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