LOKI: And so he will lie until the Ragnarok comes Picture

Ok, I have some explanations now...wow. That was such a worrrk, I have practically ruined another from my black crayons. So, this is a situation from the northern mythology, because, as I have said in description at my sketch of Loki, our beloved T. H. is too cute to be put into such a situation.
Loki has been punished this way because he has killed Baldr/Balder/Baldur (whatever...), the son of Odin and a perfect man at all. The Midgard serpent (he is too small on this picture, but it really is that one) spits his poison to Loki´s face. But Loki´s wife Sigyn (unfortunately I haven´t had enough place for her, it´s only A4 paper...poor Loki, heh) sits there catching the poison into the bowl. But once in a while the bowl is filled and Sigyn has to turn away and empty it. In this moment, the drop of poison falls on Loki´s face. His agonic tossing because of the pain and so on causes the earthquakes and other similar stuff. It isn´t a nice story, is it? But when the Ragnarok comes, he will freed and he will lead the army of dead against Odin and the others.

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