SMASH: Medusa Picture


What!? As if people haven't played the new Kid Icarus yet!? Well I only got it last week so I try to be sensitive about these things.
OH ALSO I'd probably better get this Smash thing finished. Some early images will be shown at E3 this year and all of my drawings are already well over a year old.
So Kid Icarus: Uprising pleased and disappointed me in equal measure (sure it's so mainstream to criticise the controls but my god) and to my surprise Medusa WASN'T the final boss, in fact she was pretty much retired after Chapter 9. So, if the new Smash has a second Kid Icarus character (and I expect it will) then it could be a whole host of people: Hades, Palutena or even - god forbid - Viridia or Pyrrhon. Still, my Smash roster is generally limited to "Classics": characters who represent their franchised by dint of being there from the start or very prevalent so I still think Medusa deserves a place.

Stone Stare: Maybe it's because I'm awesome at the game (I'm not) but I never got turned to stone by Medusa. Does she do it in the game? Either way, in mythology that's her John Hancock so it's also her main special here. Just like Mewtwo's Disable really, short range, requires facing an opponent and incapacitates them for a short time.
Kiss of Death: This one's ripped straight from the game. Medusa will blow out a little red polyp which will hang in the air for a while, damaging anybody who makes contact with it. This was originally going to be a snake hair bite but I rather like the idea of the snakes being a part of her standard arsenal, maybe her smash attacks.
Viper Strike: I felt I had too many tether recoveries so rather than a snake assisted ascent I took her teleportation ability but gave it more of a form, wherein Medusa shoots upwards in a snake shaped bolt of black magic.
Cursed Palm: From a totally gross mouth on her hand, she spews a cloud of poison gas. Not dissimilar to the Ice Climbers Blizzard, I think it would make sense for Medusa to be a generally poison themed character.
Serpent Storm: This one was just made up, I didn't want to be too contrived. Adopting her more monstorous form, the snakes in Medusa's hair shoot out to a great length and flail around wildly for a while OR (now that I think of it) they shoot out directly at the current opponents in play. This would probably require them to have a limited range.
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