Tox Dragon Color Ref Picture

NOTE: I did not color this, ~balustriad did, all thanks go to her, which are many and full of thankness!

Anywho, this gives you and idea of what tox looks like.

Name: Toxin (tox, toxeh)
Gender: Female
Breed: Experimental Sonic/shadow dragon
Height: 17ft 7inches, 14.5ft (shoulder)
Lenght: 61.8ft
Wingspan: 92.7ft

Personality: An outgoing, though highly tempermental beast, shes the kind that can be quite a little bundle of energy then suddenly shift to a warhead just waiting to explode. Shes kind of the little wicked jester of wherever she's found at, loving to just let go, but having almost a sadistic nature about the things she does.

When hyper its almost impossible to settle her down, quite the little rocket when suddenly darting from place to place. Its in this time where she's most friendly, almost outgoing and curious, ready to confront anything that comes into her line of vision.

But when shes in one of her moods, her temper is quick, and vicious. When shes in a bad mood she dosent hesitate to slash out with whatever she has, whether it be teeth, claw, or surrounding objects. Shes often times the villan in a tale, for her tempermental side is the one thats more open and forward. And when like these, she loves to play mindgames, causing someone inner turmoil, ripping them with words.

Appearance: (See above) Her coloring reasoning is simple, her 'breed' if you will was intended to be on the dark end of the spectrum, to blend in with the shadows and darkness. But instead when she was created, her scales were leucistic, instead of being able to blend into darkness, she stood out in stark contrast. But the iradescence of her original design stuck, leaving her with the blue, pinkish, and greenish colorations that strikes her scales when hit under light. But because of her leucistic nature, her eyes and mouth retain their bright orange coloration, normally used as a defence to startle would be attackers with a gaping maw.

-She is able, by use of hyper advanced vocal cords and the scute like scales adorning her sides to controle sounds and freiquencies. This can range from any sound she hears, favoring that of the pipe organ anture, and able to from from symphonic to a cataphonic wail.
The scales work like a small pipe from a pipe organ, a 'tubing' system runs through her body, carrying air from the massive lungs held in her barreled chest. When the air seperates off into the pocket held beneath each scute the space acts like a resonating chamber, then is forced through a small opening at the bottom of each scute. This thus creates the sound, and from having many of these, all ranging in size, she can create diffrent pitches and sounds. Also she can change the size and shape of the indevidual resonating chambers, thuslya ble to create any sound, and also mimic any voice/noise she hears.

-She has the ability to shift in and out of shadows, also forming them into solidified strands of almost a viscous tar like substance. She can move from one place to another by just the means of shadows, and can liquify her own form and become more of the viscous liquid. So she can attack, move, and get just about anywhere with the use of this ability.

-She can shift from dragon form, to human (see gallery, shes everywhere) with the same powers as dragon form.

-Sheer strength
-When a friend is made, almost becomes to attached
-Esally frustrated
-Petrefying fear of her maker

History: She was not born, instead she was an experiment by an evil scientist, she was made by putting the dna of diffrent animals/dragons/mythological creatures into one embreyo. But as she grew in fetus form in a life tank, her scientist creator was attacked by an unknown force, and while he survived, his mind was twisted by the attackers, turning him from a simple scientist to a vicious monster.

And when finally she was able to be born, and she was taken out of her artificial womb, her scientist automatically looked at her for nothing but an experiment, and thus began her life as such. As soon as she was able to think for herself (her advanced genetics making her about 5 when this happened) he started experimenting on her, testing stamina, immune system, healing abilities, powers, and often doing it in the most cruel ways possible.

She soon grew to resent her maker, and when she was chained alone in her cell, with only the agonized cries of her 'siblings' she started to think. She didnt want this life, she hated being tortured, and so at the next time her master took her from her cell she attacked. Somehow she was able to overpower, but not kill, her maker, and escaped with just barely her life.

She flew and flew, shifting between her human and dragon form when one grew to weak to carry on. And she spent almost a month on her own, skittish and fearful of anything else that she encountered. But she was found soon by kind sentient life, and while skittish and fearful of them, they soon were able to take her in, raising her from the wild animal that she was. But she was not happy, her mind torn, and soon she ran once again, leaving her hiding and alone.

(Note: History was left vauge in parts because depending on whatever continuity shes in, it changes to fit, but this is the bace story i take from)

Tox is copyright to me
coloring is copyright to balu (thanks again hun!)
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