Zephyr Picture

It's no existing animal XD He's based on a fox <3

So... I made another animal OC because they're cute and I WANT ONE <:U
I'll write some info down =w=

Name: Zephyr it's from Greek mythology?
Age: 2-3 human years
Gender: Male
Breed: Sorry no idea D: If I know something I'll change this

Zephyr is a quite friendly, innocent and cuddly creature. He LOVES to be patted and hugged though you have to be gentle. He doesn't really like playing. When he dislikes you he will make sure to let you notice by ignoring your commands, glaring, growling. Sometimes he likes to be on his own a bit and to be left alone.

As mentioned before he loves pats and hugs. In general he likes most attention. He likes other animals. What he loves to do is sit/lay back in a pile of pillows or blankets and relax on a warm place.

He HATES winter, since he dislikes being wet. He dislikes the cold weather. Don't touch his nose because he will either bite or glare at you.

More will come later!

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