People We're Not Braggin'... Picture

...He's the American Dragon~~~

Lawl, I drew the Amdrag cause I was really bored .____. I mostly only like this show cause there's dragons X3 and some mixed mythology. Mythology PWNS. But I didn't really like how they changed the style so much in the middle :/ I LOVED Grandpa's old dragon form~ it looked amazing :3 But then they changed it so that it looked like he had a flat face ._____. and Jake's form...ehh...looking at the old style, he looked kinda too much like a European dragon, and I think he's supposed to be more Chinese than European...ish. He looks A LOT more like his mom than his dad, and same with his sister...huh, why doesn't he have any siblings that have more of his dads genes? o_o
Well anyways, then they changed his style so that he looked a little bit more like a Chinese dragon...well, the shape of his body, at least. But I thought his snout looked a bit too flat too...and he SERIOUSLY has a huge head XDD

But I really hate that I have to stay up till 2:30 am just to watch this show -__- for some reason, all the live action shows are in the daytime for Disney Channel, and all the cartoons are after midnight. (except for Phineas and Ferb...that show's amazing X3 ) Kids should be able to actually watch Disney cartoons D< instead of asdjfkl;ajkdfhkj Hannah Montana. And ;lkjfdsa Suite Life (actually, that show's pretty funny, but I would still choose cartoons over it anytime.) And dfjsdafkjl Wizards of Waverly Place that I can never figure out what it's ever about. And, to those kids reading this going "hay, i lieks teh hannah montana," try watching some Jake Long. Or Proud Family. Or Kim Possible. Or anything. Be a f!#$ing kid for once in your life, and stop watching teenage gossip-dramas. Wait until you're older D< I barely even watch live action, and I'm a teen. Tru fax. Disney cartoons are awesome, so go 'em. It's what Disney was in the first place, before Miley Cyrus and people came along.

Soooo, for this drawing, I just combined the two styles and my own style together~ It actually turned out pretty good, I think...this is my first time drawing a dragon with a full body view that actually looks ok XD and that isn't such a weird pose for a dragon...I mean, lookit this one: [link] and [link]
They have pretty weird poses, but they look completely awesome X3 It's just pretty hard to draw all the twists because you have to draw the back and the underbelly in the right places...and I'm just typing and typing and not knowing where I'm going with this...well, I'm done. Enjoy~

American Dragon: Jake Long (c) Disney

DISNEY RULES!!!!!!!!!!
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