Robogoat Picture

"I am Robogoat, ready to butt heads with the Power Rangers!"

Robogoat was initially a mythological creature in one of Tommy's textbooks. Upon being discovered by Lord Zedd, though, it was transformed into one of the evil lord's many monsters. Given the Rangers' Sword of Power by Goldar, Robogoat battled the Green Ranger and soundly defeated him. Faced with the other five Rangers, Robogoat used the Sword of Power to trap four of them underground as he battled Jason. After a fierce battle, Robogoat lost the sword and was defeated by the Red Ranger. Grown to giant size by Lord Zedd, Robogoat very nearly defeated the Thunder Megazord but was in the end destroyed by the Thunder Saber.

Robogoat was later resurrected by the tombstone monster in Lord Zedd's haunted forest dimension along with Pumpkin Rapper, but was taken out by a flying kick from the Pink Ranger. Robogoat's last major role took place when Zedd and Rita got married, as part of the army of monsters that trapped the Rangers within the Specter Theater. When they later escaped, Robogoat was grown to giant size, only to be destroyed by the White Tigerzord's Thunderbolt.
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