heres what she told me the night that i caught em! Picture

my new oc Nara
they are my alt fursona
draw them pls ill lov u for ever
name: Nara
age: 17
gender: genderqueer (he/him or they/them)
orientation: greyace & demisexual
status: small gay & ready 2 play
ADHD, agrophobia + social anxety, schizophrenia
chronic fatigue, selective mutism

likes// crystals & gems, plants, small animals, oddities, rap music, writing, roleplaying, collecting things, mythology & history, old anime & manga, vintage things, photography, poetry, exploring the woods or abandoned places alone, making up oc's, good music

dislikes// going out in public alone, when animals/people don't like him, the cold, headaches & being tired or hungry, being forced to socialize, pressure or anxiety, hearing voices, feeling body aches and pains, being unable to speak in general or for himself
Nara is a very apathetic person. Their default expression makes them look tires/angry or blank, but thats because a majority of the time they are deep in thought or distracted because of their personal voices. He tends to blank out a majority of the time, his voices overpowering the ones in real life and distracting him/capturing his full attention. This was something that got him teased a lot in school, it made people uncomfortable.
He is currently attending a community college, doing photography as a minor and creative writing as a major. He also takes digital painting and art history. He doesn't know what he wants to be yet in life.
Nara lives in the attic of his three story house he shares with his mother, father and brother (all cis). Due to his habit of hoarding objects and collecting things, he has the largest (and most crowded) room in the whole house. He also owns 3 pet rats, a betaa fish, two water frogs, one painted turtle, two leopard geckos and a budgie bird. His best friends is Guts, who works at the local grocery store as it's manager. They have been best friends since 7th grade. Guts is the closest person in Nara's life, outside of his mother.
his pets: 10 in total
[ rats ] Meeko, Beck & Uki: uki is an albino rat, beck is a black rat, meeko is hairless
[ betta ] Emory: she is a silver/blue halfmoon plakat
[ frogs ] Val & Silysie: Val is leopard spotted and Sil is all white
[ turtle ] Shark: a baby painted turtle, small enough to fit in your palm
[ geckos ] Marina & Murray: marina is bold striped and murray is a blizzard
[ budgie ] Jupiter: she is a skyblue budgie
all of his pets were rescues/in need of a permanent home except for Murray and Marina, who were gifts from his brother.

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