FV Contest Entry: Keres Picture

Name: Keres

Type: New Race

Abilities/Attacks: Blizzard, Ice shards (can cast them out), very fast for a spirit, Intangibility (likes ghosts), twin blades that form in place of hands, powerful jaws (last two only apply to red), Telepathic (ONLY to communicate)

Weakness: Heat (extreme with destroy), loud noises (distort and confuses them), shiny things (distracts them long enough xD)

Keres are said to be collectors of spirits and are commonly spotted around battlefields or near something or someone that has died recently. They can either appear as small balls of light or as a being themselves, sort of a cross between a genie and a ghost. Not too much is known about them but normally they are beings of passive nature.

However it is always a good idea to keep your distance, because you never know. Unless you come across a Keres that is red or red-eyed. Then you run like hell. These kinds of Keres are highly dangerous and will attack anything that moves simply because they smell blood. How much depends on the Keres itself. Blood makes them go crazy, like what red supposedly does to bulls, but instead of running at it, they go straight for the heart and devour it. Rumor is that the hearts they feast on keep them on this plane instead of the next. But any heart will do which is good to know if you have a question for them.

Keres are supposed to have around for thousands of years and have vast knowledge on everything and anything, provided that you give them something of value a.k.a. something or someone’s heart. Or shiny stuff. Shiny stuff also makes them happy, though shiny stuff won’t give you a straight answer on a subject like a heart would.

Example: If you ask something about battle strategy and give something shiny, they whisper like fortunetellers; if you ask that but give a heart, they still whisper but will flat-out tell you the probable outcomes. It must be noted that although a Keres may be able to tell you what you want to know, it may not be something you want to hear. Although, whatever they say, it’s not in stone either. Keres can only tell you so much; it all depends on what you think after and the choices you make from that.

Also Keres may look the same, but each one has their own personality unique to their own. They may be passive but some are crafty, others are sneaky, and so on. Plus, they can tell if you’re lying or not due to their telepathy. Not only is it said they can read true hearts intentions, but the minds as well.


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