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Fae Cats, (and Dogs) also known as Fairy Cats are a Species (Closed) of Mythological Cat that live in faraway dream forests. These creatures are very mysterious but mainly quite friendly. Each person has one that describes their hopes, dreams, and wishes.

The main feature of the Fae Cat isthe reoccurring jewel inbedded into their bodies. It glows when they are happy, angry, sad, sleeping, just about for any reason! It is rare not to see then glowing. The jewels, called 'Faelights' can be in a number of places on the body and ca appear in multiples.

These places include:
The Chest (most Common)
The Ears
The Nose
The Teeth
The Forehead
One Eye
Both Eyes
The Shoulder
Multiple on Tail
The Tip of the Tail
Underneath the Belly
On the Paws
On the Tongue
On the Top of The Head
On the Underside of the Paws
Multiple Places on Body

Faelights are Fae cats life source, when it's life source runs out, the Fae Cat goes to find a final resting place in peace. Once the body has decomposed, the area where the body was starts sprouting crystals. Sometimes this can create new Fae Cats, or just a beautiful sight.

Fae Cats are rather large! The are about the size of half a human teenager, but can be as small as a regular house cat or kitten.

Fae Cats are said to appear to you when you dream of them for the first time. They live in the dream forests of your mind. They act as a guide to your life and are very protective of their owners.

They have aves very fluffy big fur that keeps them warm in harsh weather and winter seasons. They are great cuddling partners!

Fae Cats stick to their humans and family for life. They appear to their humans as their Fairy Cat self, but to others, just a regular old housecoat.

Fae Cats are a Closed Species owned by breadbears
More info and references to come.

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