Prince Gladius II Picture

It's been a while since I drew Gladius the warrior. And well, I figured there was no better time than now to revisit the handsome canine gladiator. And believe it or not, David, Adam and I are actually making use of him in a story we're putting together titled "Warrior's Pride". And I've come up with a background story for Gladius. He is the son of King Gladius I, who was the ruler of an alien planet called "Chronus" (クロノス世界, Kuronos no Sekai), which is a lot like Earth, but its population consists of humanoids and anthropomorphic animals. And it is also the home of various mythological beings including dragons, unicorns, griffins, etc. Gladius' father was a German Shepherd, and his mate was an Akita, hence why Gladius himself is half Shepherd and half Akita. One day his home world was invaded by an evil monarchy called the "Skotos Empire". For those of you who don't know, "Skotos" is the Greek word for "Darkness". In Japanese, the empire would be refered to as "Ankoku Dai Teikoku" (暗黒大帝国, literally, Great Empire of Darkness). And Gladius was driven into slavery as a gladiator for the emperor's entertainment. Gladius survives each of the battles that take place in the arena. And he eventually rebels against the empire for his own freedom. I like how I drew his pose here. He looks pretty intimidating. Gladius is also known as "Prince of Chronus".

Gladius © MDTartist83
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