TS- Changing Times 23 Picture

Alright, last page of "Changing Times".

Carmichael and Lee are going down to the subs to visit this here sexy lady. 0o. What a dream-job....
And I do hope that Lee knows what he will be doing with that oxygen tank. And perhaps find the right place for it.o0 Who knows?! Maybe it's for himself.... The shock of seeing such a beauty waiting for them/him down in the dark sub levels, must be a breathtaking sight. Though I do recall from last page 22, that he seemed rather, what was the word he used...p: Hmmmm... 'mesmerized'? upon seeing her... o0
But anyway, last page. Now done with that. Moving forward.

Just so you know:
Vølven, as they have chosen to call her in the Time Society, is the name for the ancient "Oracle" in Norse Mythology.
In TS, this fine lady here, is one of the key ingrediens to why Malachi has so much success with keeping this society a secret.

Yes, as I said before, this is the last page of "Changig Times". Moving over to a new chapter called:"Old Times".
Hope to see you there.

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