Immortal Rites Picture

Artbeat is a french art collective focused on modern digital/traditionnal art, illustration, photography, typography, animation and audio. Every Pulse we release, is a way to overcome us with imagination pieces. The Pulse VI deals with "Eternity & Memory". This is my second Pulse, and the ilustration is entitled "Immortal Rites".

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In Norse mythology , Mimir was a Ase God of wisdom. ( his name means Wisdom / Memory )
He was known among the gods for his great knowledge and highly sought out for his advices.
When Mimir was beheaded, Odin saved his head with magical herbs and the enchanting spells.
Once brought back to life, she was able to speak and reveal hidden secrets.
Odin placed it under the roots of Yggdrasil, the cosmic tree pillar of the world.
Head became the guardian of the fountain , which is supposed to contain the absolute wisdom.
When Odin began his initiation to the knowledge of the runes, he went to Mimir and asked him to taste the source. Those who dip their lips, access to the supreme knowledge.
But access to such power gets a price , Mimir Odin asked one of his eyes in exchange for a sip.
In this image are represented:
- The giant head of Mimir placed at the roots of the World Tree
- the guardian of the sacred spring materializing in water entering the eye of Odin for the place in the source
-Odin , with his two wolves Geri and Freki , drinking water source in the Horn Giallarhorn him now to know the hidden wisdom of the world in its entirety.

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