AU: Nuri Spellcaster Picture

name: Nuri Spellcaster ( nick name is runaway *ran from home but keep in touch with her bro* may make him soon and its not like anything really bad happen just family differences couldn't handle it)

age: 21 ish

race: half Norwegian half Tibetan

sexual orientation: i don't know never really felt like that to anyone before or plan to so * shrugs* i don't know ^^'(( kind still "in the coset" on the world of sexualitys. and not to fond of the hole let have sex kinda deal or hoking up >n< she's more of the let get to know echoer the holed hands))

status: N/A

occupation: baby sitter and works in local book store and intuns in a art studio

personality: kinda developed in to a "happy Goth" she not negative or goes hard core on the cloths(nor really has a care for fashun), but it a bit of a spiritual and witch like person, likeS to meditate / read mythology and fictions stores ,try to stay away from getting emotionally attack to thinks and people(fails at it though sis her excuse for not going out is that she's marred to there game consil). has trust issues (only a few friends). she may seem like an air head and a bit of a spaz but she is quit the marshal artist and gummiest also a grate scholar * though i really seems like she's not*. had bin debated on drooping out of collage for her love of music and art, but is sticking it though. studies at Pendelton University majors in fine art *cartooning she dose dabble in sculpting and panting, love to use oils and pastels*, and performing arts *basically music* keep her way form the kitchen cues she can not cook for her life, sent cy to the hospital one from cupcakes she made (live off of instant ramen XD), is a bit *big* of a geek ( reads comic, anime ,cons ,cosplay, card wards and play vid games), can be vary childish, should not get drunk or get high she becomes depressed vary quickly...she may look a but tuff for but is completely innocent to most things( everything) has the addiction to dye others( and her) hair and to braid it and such

Mannerisms: has no ascent on other side but is no were near slang savvy. when she talks she talk vary prober even though her actions may not seem it. but some times uses home lad words and peek the language when mad.

Appearance: vary pail, black hair with colder purple teal and periwinkle in. short cut on top and her mid head levying 2 long strains of hair( starts dying it when she was 14) has one eye brow pressing and and about 4 pressings on each ear, has one witch pentagram tattoo on her back, another Buddhist tattoo soon from cy and probably more persings to come

lives at : she's a bit of a hobo * baicly she crashes at random peoples houses. levying her stuff there when she house out to work, then fined an new place to stay at for a bit till she's pops back at your place for a bit*

(( so far i goes * tosses her out* rp with her if you like))
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