HWS Project Fantasia - The Epic Journey Map Picture

Another Spin-off from the Historically Wrong Sketch Series - Medieval Revisited, Project Fantasia is a (rather ambitious) project with the aim to bring fantasy elements into the World of Historically Wrong Sketch.

For all my time spend here in DA, I've been making historical sketches, with all their anachronism and inaccuracies so jumping into fantasy works is like jumping on foreign water, something which i lack the experience with. But after much consideration, and especially from many feedback received from my recent journal From History to Fantasy: Worth The Try?, I managed to be able to come up with something that i'm rather familiar with.

Creating something from scratch, even with some familiar elements from works of J.R.R Tolkien or others, such as my own defined race, realm, society, language and etc, would be pretty time consuming, and I have to be fairly honest with this one, People are always interested in things they are familiar with. New race, new world, new fantasy elements, would take time and effort to justify, and by the time i finish everything, you and I both would have already lost interest on the topic
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