Charybone Picture

This is one of my entries for this contest. [link] This entry is for EGG 2. (in the middle)

It says anchored in one place under the ocean. It creates whirlpools by sucking in a lot of water. It does this in order to suck prey into its belly. Anything that doesn't get sucked in right away will get grabbed by its tentacles.

It is based on Charybdis from Greek mythology. It's six tentacles are a reference to Scylla. It's design is based on a sea anemone.

Species: Whirlpool Pokemon
Type: Water/ Poison
Abilities: Suction Cups/ Arena Trap
Egg Group: Water 3

Some level up moves: Ingrain, Whirlpool, Wrap, Stockpile

Name Origins
Charybone: Charybdis/ Anemone

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