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See, here’s the thing about being a werewolf: you have all of these strange, fantastical problems, like turning into a wolf-creature once a month. But then you also still have all of your human problems, like paying taxes, figuring out the opposite gender, and studying for exams.

Or, in Faith’s case, struggling with finding her place in the art world. And she, well, as we all know, she's got a temper on her. Personally, I'm not a fan of folks who redirect their anger at those around them, but it seems to be a common enough flaw... and unfortunately, not everyone out there is nice.

Thankfully, I have the good fortune to know many who are. So, in spite of the occasional unsavory individual, I keep up with the art and I do my best with what interests me. For instance, monsters, particularly werewolves. But I do struggle with many things… like the difference between creativity and Originality, which are different things. You see, I often find myself having to remind myself of something Julie Taymore said:

"'Originality' is a very dumb concept; it's very late 20th century. It's how an artist assembles his or her influences into a whole piece that really matters."

Which… is true. No one can be the capital O sort of Original. Everyone is influenced by things they come into contact with. That’s part of why I write such lengthy artist’s comments sometimes… they’re sort of like credits. I like sharing my influences, pointing to the examples of similar things in science, folklore, media, or mythology. For instance, I mix my science and myth… but that’s nothing new. Peter Dickenson’s The Flight of Dragons did a fantastic job of that, and it was written well before I was even born. I just try to do it in my own way. And in addition, anyone who’s read The Hero with a Thousand Faces can find evidence of the “Monomyth” in Eldritch already. It’s a formula that everyone is familiar with, and many stories follow a similar pattern.

However, while I know that it is impossible to be Original… I do my best to be creative. I try to bring together bits and pieces of my interests in a way that I hope will be different than people have seen before. Only time will tell how well I do at the end of it all. After all, Eldritch will have an end, but that’s a very long time away. Like, at this rate... years.

And speaking of years… I’d like to thank all of you folks who’ve stuck with me, and been so supportive. Sometimes, people get me really, really down, but when someone goes out of their way to do something kind for me, it just… there’s no words. At the risk of sounding cliché… it’s a magical sort of feeling.

So… thank you guys. You know who you are, and you have no idea how much your kind actions and words have done for little ol me.

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Eldritch is for Mature audiences, will contain violence and mild nudity, as well as adult situations, themes, and language. Some pages will be marked as such on sites such as Deviantart and may be unavailable to minors.

The author (Nashoba Hostina) has everything planned out, and if something does not immediately make sense, it will later. If there are questions about what will happen, answers will not be given until the issues come up in the natural course of the plot. Plot advancement will be slow at times, and peppered with “LOLpages” that do not advance the story much. These are not “Filler.” These are part of how life goes in this comic.

This is the Author’s story. If something is “Wrong” it is because the author intended it to be so, and thus, it is in fact, “Correct.” The author has done a lot of work and research and has a lot scripted and planned (Please give her the benefit of the doubt here, she does know what she’s doing). This means that ‘requested storylines’ and suggestions have no place in this comic. This also means, please do not share related ideas with her, or send her previews to your own works.

In short, do NOT send requests, share ideas with, or make suggestions to, the author.

However, should you IGNORE what is written above and insist on making requests, suggestions or sharing ideas in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER regarding this comic BE AWARE that in doing so you are GIVING the artist this idea, and should she already have a similar aspect to the comic already planned, or should she take the suggestion, you will NOT be compensated. (Sorry to have to add this since the last book guys, but some people seriously do not listen, and I don’t want someone to get mad at me later on).

As a courtesy to your fellow readers, also, please do not make predictions about what will happen in the comments section of these pages. Saying you think you know what may happen is fine, but actually stating what you think will happen is not. Because if you happen to be right, that means you’re spoiling the other readers, and no one likes That Spoiler Guy. In a similar vein… be nice to one another, okay guys? Please?

The author sadly must have a day job, and since it takes supplies and LOTS of time to make this, cannot afford to do art all the time. Thus, Eldritch is done on the author’s free time, which means page quality may vary. Also, updates may be missed if the author has a busy week. She apologizes for the inconvenience.

And, finally… if you don’t like it, don’t read it! No one’s forcing you to look at this :3 Go outside and play or something!

Thank you for reading!

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