HiNaBN OC: Renly Picture

YES. YES. I made a HiNaBN OC because I'm a DORK.

Anyway. AHEM.

This is Renly, a tree nymph of the male gender. He is aware of how mythologically incorrect his existence is, but somewhere and somehow in his bloodline he was destined to be.
Renly is a calm and cool character. He loves to walk about and sleep in comfy looking trees that stand, or barely stand, next to rusty old convenience stores. The dim lights from the back wall fridges seem to be the only thing to put him to sleep.
Like most nymphs, he does have a true form of a tree of some sort. But since being a tree practically means no moving, Renly doesn't turn into one at all. He likes to journey places he has never been before, so always having to return to his 'stump' or 'home' (...or hole in the ground.) would be time consuming.
So pretty much, Renly is just a simple dude that goes with flow where ever it may take him.

Any questions?

Make sure to say hi next time you visit your local convenience store! :'D

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