Stay With Me Picture

November 2012
Before anybody posts it: Whispers is supposed to have six fingers - it's not a mistake

Based after a recent RP.

(Earlier art of the two)
Whispers-Like-Rain: [link]
Persephone Voice-of-the-Past: [link]
Whispers & Persephone: [link]

I think.. wow, I think this is now my best picture to date. <3 I put items from the recent RP into the image, and the scene here was supposed to have happened during the Spring Equinox, which had a crescent moon.


Stay (song lyrics used in title) - by Shakespear's Sister
Whipsers-Like-Rain is ~ElmshireLancer's character
Persephone 'Voice-of-the-Past' is my character
Marble stock: [link] and [link]
Brushes: *redheadstock
(I can't remember if there were brushes created by somebody else. If so, please let me know so I can add it.)
Ref pose created in Poser

drawn with a wacom cintiq 12wx tablet in Adobe CS3 with Poser used to create the reference poses


And for those who follow our characters:

This took a few years of roleplay, in real time. Some of it was in the background, some actually roleplayed out.

Canon SPOILERS for WoD below along with notes of how our Home Campaign used the printed plots:
In the final Werewolf book Apocalypse, one part described the Black Furies doing a special, sacrificial ritual to destroy the wyrm. That they eventually succeed, killing themselves in the process, and the wyrm is weakened. It had the note that in the future, mysterious, white furred werewolf warrior women, carrying fetishes of immense power are sometimes seen on the battlefields during the Apocalypse, but they are gone before any can get to them. They're nicknamed the 'White Furies' and nobody knows if they're ancestor spirits, or what they are.

Well, Persephone is a very important character to me, and I was ready to sacrifice her for the sake of important plot. My husband came up with this idea... since 1rst ed Mummy we've had a special pack of reborn werewolves who were created in a stolen (and messed up) version of the Spell of Life, they themselves collected over the last couple of centuries and their souls/bodies kept in stasis until the ritual could happen.
We had to ignore the new werewolf/mummy rules that came out in 2nd ed Mummy because it ruined our one campaign (explaining it as their spell wasn't the 'real' one anyhow. They were somewhere between Risen and Mummies) and with 3rd ed.. well we had to do some near gamebreaking events to make the characters work. (They were considered like 'newly dead' and had an altered version of the new spell put on them, binding with ancient Egyptian souls.)
Whispers-Like-Rain has been with Persephone through two of her lives before the Past Lives game we ran (another printed game, that I altered for a trip back to the Vampire's first city, and binding one of the 2nd generation vampires - one who would have been far worse then Set) and through his trip back to modern day he met many of Persephone`s past lives. (Persephone has such strong past lives, that they are more like a mixture of reincarnation and multiple personality syndrome.)

The Black Furies ritual of sacrifice (in our game) had them wind up in the actual Greek Underworld and they were able to separate the corrupter wyrm from the balance wyrm, and dragged the now very potent spirit into Tartarus with them... to fight it eternally and keep it from escaping. Part of what would make this work was if 'they' were the tribe to fall by sacrifice instead of to the wyrm. But during their trip into Malfeas the Red Talons fell, and it ruined part of their ritual. It did severely weaken the corrupter wyrms minions.. for a time.

Whispers was stuck in the Past Life game when Persephone left to die. He fell into obsession with trying to get her back, after realizing that the furies were in a version of the ritual his pack was in.. one that traps a creature along with the souls of those who sacrifice themselves into a pretty much unfindable realm in the deep umbra. He's a natural at Necromancy and planned to bring Persephone back to life. He studied spells of life and resurrection from the mages who returned Ilyana to life, and when word returned that the Black Furies finally finished their quest, he set off into Malfeas.. with only 40 days to complete this or fail.

After much turmoil going through a war-torn Malfeas he found the spot where the bodies of the dead were desecrated and gathered up all of the body pieces he could.. including Persephone's heart which spirals were trying to turn into a wyrm fetish. (unsuccessfully so far.) The Black Furies had brought potent, and mythological fetishes with them to fight the wyrm (or at least fight they're way there) and Whispers was able to find the Lyre of Orpheus (an intelligent, talking Lyre with great ancient lore and the skill to make the owner sing as well as Orpheus himself), a version of the Nemeon Lion pelt (he's not sure if it's the original), the Helm of Invisibility (belonging to Hades himself) and a special Amphora of great power that could hold all of one type of 'thing' placed within. (I made up a history for the Amphora of an ancient Black Fury who created it to hide all of the children in a village from Xerxes army. Then after the children were out and safe used it to capture a whole river to force the army to become so desperate for water that they eventually left the city.)

Using a gift to track a spirit from it's body, he carried pieces of Persephone through the deep umbra, constantly tracking where her soul had gone. It eventually led him into somewhere in the dark umbra, and he found the Greek Underworld itself.
He had to travel through varying areas of the underworld, sing his way past Cerberus (with the lyre's help... entertainingly singing 'Buffalo Gals' to the three headed guardian), to eventually make it to Hade's palace itself.

He bargained with Hades and Persephone (the goddess), and after returning Hade's helm Persephone took Whispers into Tartarus to show him the Furies holding back the corrupter wyrm (and he was nearly driven mad from the scene, oddly, somehow seeing all of the corrupter at the same time.. something impossible. Some difficult willpower saves were made there.
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