Tezcatlipoca Picture

Tezcatlipoca (smoking / fire mirror) - in the mythology of later Maya and Aztec is one of the major deities (along with the Quetzalcoatl / Kukulkanom). He wore a shield or mirror (hence the name), through which oversaw the actions of people on earth. In various incarnations, he was the god-creator or destroyer of the world. It was believed that Tezcatlipoca led Nahua people in the valley of Mexico. Later, his cult spread throughout the country. The leading place in the pantheon of Nahua god bestowed many features, which he did not have originally.
Another of his names means "night wind" (Yoalii Eekatl). According to belief Tezcatlipoca was worn on the roads, like the wind the night, more rapid than the day-to unleash his wrath on the captured man. But if the victim in a fight won, God would fulfill any wish. Especially for Tezcatlipoca along roads exposed stone benches that God could rest after his travels.
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