A Sky Watcher Picture

天龙,or the "Heavenly Dragon" is the dragon in Chinese mythology that guards the palaces of the gods.

I have to do a visual aid for my mythology project, in which I got assigned to do Chinese Mythology. It's kind of suiting, since I am actually learning Chinese.

It's my first art submission in awhile so I hope you guys like it ^_^

...Also I notice I am really into drawing and painting sunsets. I can't help it, my favorite part of the day is that time, when all of a sudden the sky turns that mix of different hues and the suns is shining through the clouds and gives everything an orangy glow... especially in the fall. There's a really nice place where I live that's just so beautiful to walk around that time of day... and just lay down and watch the sky...

Mmm I'm such a romanticist at times xD At least in my writing and thoughts I am ^_^
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