.Niamh. Picture

Niamh (f) 'bright'

In Irish mythology, Niamh, princess of the Land of Promise
Niamh was tall, she had an amazing long golden hair and a body full of curves, all of them, in the right places. And even without realise, as she walked she atracted the man eyes, with her incredible beauty. She was the Lady of the Sunshine and the woods.


Based on Juliet Marillier book "The Son Of the Shadows" from the Trilogy of SevenWaters.


I've used so many things in this photomanipulation, it gave me a whole lot of work, but i think it was worth it!

Model: ~Nekoha-stock - Original Link [link]
Background: [link]
Lamp: ~mizzd-stock
Brushes: ~spiritsighs-stock I dont remember of who's the earing brush, please note me if you know!


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